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The Law office of Thomas W. Deans is a full service Florida Family Law firm located in Melbourne, Florida. Mr. Deans has been providing caring and aggressive legal representation for individuals and families in Brevard County, Florida , including surrounding communities since 1985. When it comes to family matters — highly contentious child custody disputes, hotly contested spousal maintenance and property cases, commonsense mediation or negotiation of settlement in high-dollar assets — Mr. Deans is efficient, direct and effective in getting you results.

Matrimonial, Divorce, Child Custody & Adoption Attorneys

The Law office of Thomas W. Deans  have assisted countless Cocoa Florida  families successfully navigate the many Family Law issues with favorable outcomes. Legal matters affect your family whether it is just starting, growing, separating or divorcing. Because Florida Family Law issues are extremely personal and emotional, you can trust Thomas W. Deans and staff to provide assertive, ethical and compassionate legal counsel.

Mr. Deans and staff offer many years of experience in providing assertive, ethical Legal Counsel in the Family Law areas of:

Divorce and Matrimonial Law

Mr. Deans has years of experience helping families throughout Central Florida navigate the personal challenges of Separation and Divorce. For more detailed information regarding divorce law please call (321) 728-2311 contact us directly.

Child Custody, Visitation and Child Support

Assertive Legal Representation in Cocoa Florida, and other Brevard County Family Courts

With Legal Separation or Divorce of a marriage that includes children, child custody must also be addressed to the mutual agreement or to the satisfaction of Florida Family Courts.

The experienced staff at the Law Office of Thomas W. Deans will proactively negotiate child custody, visitation, and child support to a mutually acceptable agreement whenever possible, to save clients the stress, time and cost of going to Family Court and letting the judge determine the fate of the children.

If Brevard County Family Court is unavoidable, you can count on Mr. Deans to walk you through the legal process, fiercely advocate for the most desirable outcome and alleviate stress affiliated with proper submission of legal filings, paperwork, assessments, recommendations and Family Court requests.

Let’s talk to today. Contact our office at (321) 728-2311 to set up a complimentary 30-minute initial consultation.

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