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Modification of Family Law Orders

Circumstances change for everyone over a period of time.  As time goes on, children get older, employment may change, opportunities may arise elsewhere, or retirement may be near.  A modification to your existing court order may be exactly what you need to accommodate your family’s particular changes and necessities.


There are many different types of modifications.  One of the modifications you could petition the court for is matters regarding child support. Other modifications are alimony/spousal support, relocation to another state, or changing custody and visitation. For your information, matters of custody and visitation are now referred to as parental responsibility and time-sharing.

Change of Circumstances

Regardless of the type of modification, a substantial change in circumstances is required to be proven to the court. This change deals with circumstances that were unexpected at the time of the original order. Some examples of a substantial change in circumstances could be retirement or getting a new job over 50 miles away. Another example could be a child that has reached 18 years of age and graduated from high school.

When asking the court to relocate with child(ren) or to alter the time-sharing schedule, the court’s main concern is the best interest of the child(ren) and all evidence and factors are considered with that in mind.

If your situation has changed and you need to modify an existing court order, I stand ready to assist you.  I understand that you have a lot at stake, so, I do not waste your time with false promises/hope.  It is always my goal to provide honest advice, ethical service, and practical, realistic legal counsel. That way, you can make informed decisions best suited for your future.

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