Child Support in Florida

[18-March-16 1:51:25]
In Florida, after dependent children reach the age of majority a parent cannot file for child support. If there are grounds for support past the age...
Brevard County Divorce FAQ

Brevard County Divorce FAQ

[3-March-16 19:15:46]
How long do I have to live in Melbourne before I can file for divorce? You must live in Florida continuously for six (6) months...
Alimony Changes May Be Coming

Alimony Changes May Be Coming

[25-February-16 2:55:28]
Currently the Florida Legislature is considering a total revamp of the alimony laws. The proposed revisions can be found in Senate Bill 668. This Bill establishes...
Relocation of Children

Relocation of Children

[2-February-16 21:33:34]
Florida law prohibits relocation of children by either parent more than 50 miles from the address on file with the Court at the time of...
What Is Family Law?

What Is Family Law?

[25-January-16 16:21:04]
So, what is family law? Family law is the area of legal practice dealing with family relationships such as divorce, paternity, child custody and all the...



[29-April-15 16:34:10]
Religion is usually not an issue in child custody proceedings, even if the parents practice different religions. For example, if a child has a Christian...

Effect of Annulment

[29-April-15 16:33:06]
Annulment is a legal proceeding initiated to terminate an invalid marriage and to declare that no valid marriage ever took place because of a problem...

Community Property in Divorce

[29-April-15 16:31:51]
Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin follow what is known as the “community property” system for marital property. In a...


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