For those of us that have gone through a divorce, it is an extremely stressful time and most of us have no idea what rights we have to our money, children and property as we untie our marriages. My divorce caught me off guard and I was thrown into the situation rather quickly. The first thing I did was search for an attorney and I came across Mr. Thomas Deans. After reading others experiences with him, I called and set up a free consultation. I did not know what to expect in this consultation besides a few answers to some nagging questions I had scribbled down. The consultation went well over the advertised time that Mr. Deans had allocated to meet with me, but I could tell he wanted to make sure all my questions were answered and that I knew my rights. We went over what would happen if the divorce was uncontested versus contested and how a court would most likely calculate child support and award property. Using this information I was able to agree and file for an uncontested divorce with my ex wife on the distribution of assets and time sharing with our children as well as agree on other issues that would present problems in the years to come. After the consultation Mr. Deans and his staff always called me back in a timely manor and never made me feel rushed. They made the most stressful time in my life bearable and I am extremely glad I found them. If you are about to go through divorce I would highly recommend Mr. Deans, he really came through for me and I am sure he would for anybody who hires him.