Experience and character that make a difference

My experience with Mr. Deans was very positive. From the beginning he kept a very calm demeanor and kept me grounded through trying times. He has a clear understanding of family law and worked with me to define a road map through the entire process. His advice focused on the long term goals for my case, and did not deviate even when doing so would have resulted in more money for him. There were several instances in which he simply advised me to agree to things because it made no sense for me to spend absorbant amounts of money over small petty details that would not impact me long-term. I felt he was very trustworthy and kept my best interest in mind when advising me. His calm demeanor translated to the courtroom and made me feel more at ease. I was thrilled with the outcome of my case and am grateful for his knowledge and experience which was instrumental in acheiving that outcome. His staff is very friendly and very responsive. His legal assistant is also very professional and as knowledgeable as they come. It is a busy office so it was extremely helpful to have a second knowledge source available. I have referred Mr. Deans to many friends and colleagues because of my experience.

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